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Was Schubert Gay, and Does It Matter? In 1989 the American musicologist Maynard Solomon stirred the pot of Schubert studies with an essay concluding that Schubert was promiscuously gay. The com-poser, said Solomon, lived sequestered in a bohemian and homosexual circle of male

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franz schubert gayFranz Peter Schubert was born in Himmelpfortgrund, Vienna. His father was not Austrian. His father, Franz Theodor Schubert came from Neudorf, Moravia and his mother was from Vienna. Hopefully this

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franz schubert gayFranz was the fourth surviving son of Franz Theodor Schubert, a schoolmaster, and his wife, Elisabeth, a homemaker. His family cultivated Schubert's love of music.

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franz schubert gayMaynard Solomon draws on several pieces of evidence to make an educated assumption that Franz Schubert was gay. To back up this bold claim he draws on many quotes from people who knew Schubert such as a young friend of his, Josef Kennex, claiming Schubert's soul "bathed in slime" and later that he "dragged his…

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franz schubert gayFranz Schubert is within the scope of the Composers WikiProject, a group of editors writing and developing biographical articles about composers of all eras and styles. The project discussion page is the place to talk about technical and editorial issues and exchange ideas.

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franz schubert gayFranz Schubert Musical Muscle. Schubert is undoubtedly one of the greats, and possibly the finest songwriter that ever lived. In less than 32 years, he came up with over 600 lieder, nine symphonies, a fair number of masses, quite a few operas, a magnificent body of chamber music and some exceptional piano works.

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franz schubert gayFranz Schubert: A Biography (Clarendon Paperbacks) [Elizabeth Norman McKay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In his short, tumultuous life, Franz Schubert (1797-1828) produced an astonishing amount of music.

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Franz Schubert was one of the great classic composers whose music remains much-beloved. One researcher now suggests that he also may have been a homosexual. Does this matter as we appreciate his

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franz schubert gayErnst Hilmar, the director of the music collection of the Library of the City of Vienna and the founder of the International Franz Schubert Institute, then set the stage for selections of a 1916

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