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Gay Luigi resemble sprites from canon Mario games such as Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Trivia. The name "Gay Luigi" may be a reference to an infamously misheard quote from the equally infamous game Hotel Mario, if not just a jab at the commonly insulted Luigi of the SMG4-verse. According to his ID, Gay Luigi is the president of the Gay

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This version of Luigi is a near identical clone of ShinRyoga and NeOaNkH's Mario, with the only differences being the obvious palette rearrangements, different sounds and slightly taller sprites; unfortunately, said sprites were scaled vertically rather than redone, which gives the character a somewhat distorted appearance.

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In SwagQuest, Luigi said that he was in love with Daisy. This confirms he is not gay despite the constant running joke. Luigi seems to have a thing for Luigi dolls, as in both Meet the Luigi and in one of the bad endings in Mario Simulator Interactive, he's seen making out with one. He once tried desperately to gain swag, as shown in "SwagQuest".

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The latest Tweets from gay luigi đź‘» (@the_dick_knight). the ghost with the most babe. she/they. York St John

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Meme Status Submission Year 1994 Origin Philips CD-i Tags youtube poop, lotsa spaghetti, hotel mario, ytp Additional References Encyclopedia Dramatica Wikipedia About. Gay Luigi is one of the most popular Luigi forms in Youtube poop.


Gay Luigi is written a better and smarter version of Luigi, being more brave and getting some of Peach. Despite this, he is still quite cowardly and will often run away at the first sight of danger. Gay Luigi is also quite unlucky, often suffering injury's due to explosions, falling off buildings and being eaten. "I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!"

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Gay Luigi and Fat Mario walk in on a bridge Gay Luigi points in the direction he's facing, while saying "Over There!". Its similar to Mario's cape, except it only effects opponents. Gay Luigi has armor frames during the first activation of it. But he is vunerable during the last frames. This can

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ok so i haven’t seen anyone here on tumblr talking about german peasley and how gay he is and that is a crime so so there’s the scene in the english version of superstar saga where, after luigi rescues peasley, peasley calls luigi a zero, then immediately fixes himself to say hero and then later

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Gay Luigi is a Photoshop Internet Meme that is from The Phillips CD-I game, Hotel Mario Tis meme originated when Fat Mario, Again another Internet Meme, Said "It is nice that The Princess brought us over for dinner, AY Luigi!" The ay in The sentence has been accused of multiple times, And people

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