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What is wrong with gay Christianity? What is Side A and Side

right side is gay left side is straight its just a stereotype cause lets say your straight and you get it on the left that doesn't mean your gay cause you know your not.Cause if that was the case wouldn't getting both sides make you bi?

Side A / Side B Theology Primer - Coming Out for Christians

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A single earring on which side means gay for man? | Yahoo Answers

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If you pierce your right ear, are you gay? - Quora

If you have an earring on the right ear it is considered gay. The main reason I guess is because historically men always wore earrings in the left ear probably for the same reason we use the right hand as primary.

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These bloggers were essentially the “side B gay Christian movement,” and Spiritual Friendship is a more recent outgrowth of their approach. While I understand the concerns some Christians have with “identity” language, we are trying to bring the Gospel to a large group of people who need it, both inside and outside the Christian Church.

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Side by Side (formerly ROSMY) is dedicated to creating supportive communities where Virginia’s LGBTQ+ youth can define themselves, belong, and flourish.

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The happy face of media-glorified homosexuality masks a dark side that is seldom talked about. Family Research Institute, a Colorado-based think tank specializes in studies related to family issues. For more than two decades they have researched homosexuality`s health threats and social damage ignored by Big Media or government agencies.

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