turn the friggin frogs gay

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turn the friggin frogs gay

ALEX JONES AND THE CASE FOR GAY FROGS. rodwebber. Because as a part of Jones’ theory, that’s what happens when soldiers (and frogs) turn gay. And, since we're all gay now, we can live up

"They’re turning the frogs gay": the psychology behind

turn the friggin frogs gay

Of course, when Oliver described InfoWars pushing stories like “tap water is a gay bomb and they are putting chemicals in the water to turn the friggin’ frogs gay,” he was joking. Mostly

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A Quick Refresher: The Truth About Water Making You Gay. candidate Susan King had claimed chemicals in water are turning people gay, it wasn't all that surprising. can turn male frogs into

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The frogs and fish aren't being turned gay; rather males are turning into females, with fully functioning reproductive systems. There is also suspected human effects with male sperm production and the quality of sperm declining throughout the world.

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we also have a tray for making chocolate frogs! im gonna make each one a color of the rainbow cAUSE THEYRE TURNING THE FROGS GAY!!!!! THE FREAKING CHEMICALS IN THE WATER ARE TURNING THE FRIGGIN FROGS GAY!!!!! im gonna learn how to use piping bags, how to brush on chocolate, how to make colored chocolate, a whole lotta stuff!!!!

Pesticide atrazine can turn male frogs into females

turn the friggin frogs gay

In a rant that has since become a meme and a line of t-shirts, Jones said he didn't like the government "putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay." "The majority of frogs in

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Alex Jones' Gay Frogs Conspiracy, also known as the Gay Bomb Rant, refers to a viral segment of InfoWars in which host Alex Jones claims that water is being poisoned with chemicals that are "making the friggin' frogs gay." Origin. On October 16th, 2015, the Alex Jones YouTube channel uploaded a video titled "Alex Jones: The Gay Bomb Rant

Alex Jones: Who is the ranting alt-right radio host and what

turning the friggin frogs gay Knowing this, we can turn our resources and energy towards providing survivors of harm with interpersonal, financial, medical and

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As a side effect it has been documented to turn male frogs into female frogs which attempt (without success because these "female" frogs are often sterile) to mate with male frogs. So in other words, the government sprays chemicals that TURN THE FREAKIN' FROGS GAY!!!

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They are Putting Chemicals in the water that turn the friggin frogs gay [ link to (secure) ] Soaring antidepressant use is turning our waters into a 'drug soup' and changing marine life's ability to mate, feed and move

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