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BTW, no perfume won't work as good as a good conversation regarding perfumes - I believe the topic is a catcher for the ladies. Yesterday I got ten samples from a lady working as an SA (and she was gorgeous) at a local dept store after trying some fragrances and holding a thirty minute long conversation about personal tastes and preferences. Customer reviews: VULVA Original - real vaginal scent

Have you been wondering lately what Kim Kardashian's vagina looks like? Well, then you're in luck — she's just posted a pic of it on Instagram, in an ad for her perfume.

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Sexologist Who Uses Vagina Juice As Perfume Says It Is A 'Delicious Secret' (a chemical secreted by the vagina) made the clients more attractive to people when worn as perfume.


I Wore Perfume Made From My Vagina to See if It Would Get Me Better Dates. How one woman took the "all natural" look to the next level. By Allison Ramirez. Jan 30, 2017 Katie Buckleitner

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Vagina Perfume. Getty . This one isn’t promoting unsafe health practices—it’s just bizarre. One woman decided to get her vaginal fluid made into a perfume, and it actually landed her a bunch

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vagina perfume

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Vaginal perfume. Vaginal perfume could contribute positively only if you have healthy vagina and normal natural vaginal scent. In cases of bad unpleasant vaginal smell, all kinds of perfume, deodorants or sprays can worsen the smell.

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vagina perfume

Woman claims her vagina perfume is a 'love potion' and 'makes men flock to her' A woman has revealed she likes to wear fluids from her vagina as a perfume on nights out

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vagina perfume

One woman tried a very exclusive perfume to help attract men—so exclusive, it can only be found in her own underpants. Yup, that’s right: She rubbed her own vaginal fluids on her wrists in an

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