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vagina weightsThe reasons the vagina gets loose is due to the natural stretching and tearing of the muscles on the vaginal walls when you give birth or get older. As with every other part of our body, the vagina has muscles that contract and relax. But when we grow older, or the vagina goes through the trauma of childbirth, then the natural elasticity is

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vagina weightsIf this is your first time dealing with vagina weights and you don’t know what to do, try out Ben Wa’s weights. These are silicone based tools which can be boiled, frozen, as well as microwaved if needed! Women prefer them because they are super easy to clean off, and they are durable due to their top quality silicone and are hygienic.

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How to use Kegel weights. These are available in different weights and it is advisable to start with the lightest weight to begin. These are used in a slightly different manner than the balls. Once washed and lubricated, Kegel weights are inserted into the vagina as you would insert a tampon.

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The vagina can do more than it was naturally meant to do. Some of the extra things it can do is lift weights. Yes, vagina weights are available and work to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Working mechanisms of the vagina weights is like that of kegel weights. It involves squeezing and lifting objects using the vagina.

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Training of the pelvic floor muscles is the most common form of treatment for this problem. One way that women can train these muscles is by inserting cone‐shaped weights into the vagina, and then contracting the pelvic floor muscles to stop the weights from slipping out again.

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Vaginal weights come in sets of progressively heavier cones equipped with a string or wire. When inserted into the vagina (like a tampon), these smooth weights are held in place thanks to the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. Over time, the muscles are strengthened simply by keeping the weight from falling out.

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vagina weightsThe vagina is a largely self-regulating part of the body, but that doesn't mean that you can completely forget about it: The vagina and pelvic floor muscles need to be exercised just like everything else in your body – and kegel weights are one of the best and easiest ways to improve the strength of your kegel muscles over time.

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vagina weightsThe vaginal cone strengthens the pelvic floor by stimulating muscle contractions. It's inserted into the vagina where it automatically isolates and contracts the pelvic floor muscle group. Many systems come with graduated cones to increase weight as muscle strength improves.

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