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Considered as, if not more, vulgar than fuck in English. As the words kettu (“ fox ”), pottu (“ potato; potty ”) and hattu (“ hat ”) rhyme with vittu, they may be used as a replacement for vittu and its derivatives to make the language a little bit more decent: vituttaa → hatuttaa/ketuttaa/potuttaa vittuilla → kettuilla

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Pussy or cunt in finnish. Used as fuck in english. Pronounced as vyt-tu.

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Contextual translation of "voi vittu" from Finnish into Swedish. Examples translated by humans: fan!, skit!, jävlar, fy fan, oh skit, Å, shit, oh, fan, helvete!.

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Vittu is the Finnish word for cunt.The rudest word in the language, it is among the very few Finnish words rarely spelled out in full or said out loud on TV or radio. Very much like the English fuck, it can be used anywhere in a sentence without regard to its original meaning as an intensifier, and much like Americans joke about the Brooklyn alphabet ("Fucki

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voi vittu in englishcommon finnish curse word for damn god of thunder which later became a joke

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Contextual translation of "voi vittu" into English. Human translations with examples: cunt, fuck!, cunts, cheers, butter, fuck you, virastot, fuck you!, do not fuck.

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Vittu is an ancient word for the female genitalia but now has the literal meaning of "cunt". Linguistically, it is used similar to how 'fuck' is used in English to add force to a statement or express frustration.

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voi vittu in englishCouple of other examples of Finnish swearing: This is actually a parody of the opening scene of "Under the Northstar" This is from V2: Dead Angel, Finnish bootleggers greet their old pal who comes back from prison in Sweden. He learns that one of the gang member was in the hospital because of turf war with the gypsies who happen to appear in

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